#OctProWriMo – Day 22 – English Tanka Poem – Prompt – Dangerous


Photo© Commons.Wikimedia

#OctProWriMo – Day 22 – English Tanka Poem – Prompt – Dangerous

just look around you

everything is dangerous

teach your children well

respect the situation

or else beware of outcome

The picture above is showing fear, Fear is a basic survival mechanism shaped during evolution to protect us from dangerous situations.



5 thoughts on “#OctProWriMo – Day 22 – English Tanka Poem – Prompt – Dangerous

      • Thank you. I hope that you have had a blessed Sunday.
        I hope that you are okay from your feeling scared, too. I think, for me, there have been just too many changes this year that I could not control. I am perpetually waiting for the other shoe to drop. And now, a child has found a body in the woods here in town and the authorities aren’t telling anyone where exactly or any real details. While I understand on the one hand…they don’t want the place to be tampered with…for those of us with woods right here at our houses, we are left wondering just how close we are to a murder scene and are we next. It is very scary.
        Thank you and many blessings to you, too.


    • That would be very frightening, living so close to a murder scene. It’s Monday now and it’s a holiday “Labour day” so having a quiet day, will go for a walk along the beach later this afternoon, only a five-minute walk from our house.That will be nice feel the sea breeze in my face after a hectic Sunday shifting the final big things from our farm house to our retiring home in town.
      Kind thoughts.

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