#OctProWriMo – Day 8 – English Tanka Poem – Prompt – Porous


#OctProWriMo – Day 8 – English Tanka Poem – Prompt – Porous

my mind is dormant

trying to write a nice poem

its just like porous

everything is filtered out

nothing there to work one out

English tanka poems consist of five units, usually with the following pattern of    5-7-5-7-7 which is syllables.

7 thoughts on “#OctProWriMo – Day 8 – English Tanka Poem – Prompt – Porous

  1. I think you did a fine job writing about the “blank” moments that happen sometimes as we try to write. That happens to me often…just nothing in there. My “porous” poem today was a challenge for me. Though only a few lines long, it took me several hours from first spark to last dot. Some poems are just easier than others and, I believe, they all challenge us in a multitude of ways.

    Have a blessed weekend!

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    • Thanks for the nice comment.
      Agree you can spend a long time working on a short poem, especially a tanka poem and come up with the right way of writing it.
      We are very busy with selling the farm, and working from our home in town and the farm, travelling some 70 km’s a day, sometimes I’m just short of time to write every day. When I’m tired that’s when my head just goes blank so this poem goes well with my life at the moment. Will be pleased when everything is cleared up.
      Blessing to you also.

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      • I hope the sale of your farm will go fine for you. Nothing stays on the market long here in our area. Many homes are sold less than a month after going on the market. Some have gone the during the first few days, which I think it totally amazing! There is a severe housing shortage in our area, so things get snapped right up.
        Here’s hoping you have some time to relax very soon.
        Thank you. 🙂

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