Welcome to Six Sentence Stories – Back


Welcome to Six Sentence Stories –  Prompt is “Back”

September is here, in New Zealand, it means spring has arrived,and it was the same old story for farmers, rain, and mud everywhere, not good with the newborn stock around, very demoralizing.

The picture above shows a nice story, just like we would like to see, perfect weather, grass growing, animals happy, that makes the farmer’s life so much easier.

With Daylight-saving back again at the weekend, 25th September that means farmers need to adjust to the clock change, getting the cows in the dark again for milking, but those longer evenings may make up for it if you can stay awake.

On the other side of the world being autumn I’m presuming that clocks will be going back, one hour, so you can get that time back that you lost in the spring.

Looking back to the beginning of 2016 when I started writing this blog I never had followers, now checking my stats I have 454 followers, I’ m so grateful for every one of them, I big smile to you all, you make my day.

Now for my Sixth Sentence, sorry if I have been rambling today, not feeling on top of the world, so writing is the answer, hope you all have a wonderful week.


Command… this week’s  cue is “Back”.

    • Six sentences no more , no less
    • Any genre that strikes your fancy
    • Use the word any way you like
    • Link it up to the above link

16 thoughts on “Welcome to Six Sentence Stories – Back

    • Trying to leave a comment for you, hope third time is the charm. The time change is so hard on so many people that i wish they would cut it out with the whole thing.

      We look forward to spring as an end to the cold, but you are right it’s hard to manage sometimes with all the damp and mud it brings.

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      • Yes so true, the wet weather sure does get us down, especially on a farm were the paddocks turn to mud before the grass gets eaten off and the poor animals can’t rest without lying in the mud.
        Daylight saving is nearly here, time to enjoy all the spring flowers that is the way I have to look at it.
        Beauty enjoy, the mud will disappear soon, summer just around the corner in the southern hemisphere.
        Have a nice weekend.


  1. The clock changes are hard on all of us, and i for one wish they would cut it out with that nonsense.

    As much as people want spring to come back each year, it sure can be a difficult time with the mud and dampness.


  2. The time change is hard on so many of us, i wish they would cut it out with the whole thing.

    As much as we look forward to spring and the end of the very cold weather, i know the dampness and mud can be difficult to deal with.


  3. Our clocks will turn back, but not until November. It does take some getting used to the change, though I must admit that turning back seems easier than springing forward!


  4. It always seem so strange that the other half of the world has seasons opposite of our own. I didn’t know anywhere else did daylight savings time, I would like to do away with it, it is hard to adjust to and my cats do not understand breakfast will be an hour later today! 🙂

    Farming is always a hard life, so dependent on the weather and other issues. But it is a good life, and I hope that all your animals fare well despite the wet conditions this year!
    I hope that you soon feel better too. Writing always lifts my spirits!


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