Tanka weekly prompt challenge ~ Glory and Passion

Thank you Jac for writing this tanka poetry. Sharing it with my followers.

The Perilous Reading Society


I see your face here

Dark passion and glory, twisted

Reflected in me

And I remember the loss

Of how perfect life can be

Tanka: 5-7-5-7-7

Glory and Passion prompt from: Ramblings of a writer

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2 thoughts on “Tanka weekly prompt challenge ~ Glory and Passion

  1. OK…something new. I’ve never heard of Tanka poetry. I’m going to have to look it up. I love researching new words, concepts, and expressions. It’s kinda snappy though isn’t it? Cool beans.

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    • Actually, I never knew about Tanka Poetry either until I did the WordPress “Intro to poetry”, very pleased I did as I enjoy writing them better than Haiku poetry.
      Thanks for writing one, I’m trying to get more writers doing it as I would like to put it on “WordPress Weekly Challenge” but I need to be doing these challenges for three months successfully before it will be accepted.
      Hope you are having a great week.

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