Welcome to Six Sentence Stories – Ring


Welcome to Six Sentence Stories  – Ring

The world is a ring of fire, just stop and take note of all the evil things going on in all corners of the earth.

You can’t put a circle around anything special as there is too much of it.

Truth is, no one is willing to put a true ring on their finger, locking in their care for each other, because if you did you wouldn’t have time to think of evil, you would be too busy earning and caring for your family, or each other, this covers both male and females, or same-sex relationship.

No family life is complete without a commitment, if that means saying the vows, that you can write yourself, and remembering them when the bad times come and take over your life instead of getting stuck in a bottle, or taking drugs and hitting out at everyone who tries to help, you wouldn’t be thinking of ways to do some immoral act of injustice, as those vows, of that most wonderful day in your life,getting married, is the start of a new journey, it can win over everything if you do it together.

If you have children and they are born into a family of love, with no evil, they will continue to carry all those good emotions, that are all around them while they were growing into adults, it will be carried on to their children, your grandchildren, and future generations.

A ring on your finger, with no evil thought’s, only love and devotion for each other will start the line to perfect harmony on earth, there doesn’t need to be religion in a family, to have a healthy happy family, all you need is devotion to each other and your family forever.


Command… this week’s  cue is “RING”.

    • Six sentences no more , no less
    • Any genre that strikes your fancy
    • Use the word any way you like
    • Link it up to the above link

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