My Monthly Memories – July 2016


My Monthly Memories – July 2016

I was invited by Basants to join her in “My Monthly Memories” for 2016.

Another month has passed by.

I have been dabbling in many forms of writing.

At the moment while still writing every day, I’m trying to do the new  BloggingU – Shaping your Story course, but it is not going very well, will continue to the end with the hope that it will get me writing a novel.

After doing the “Intro to Poetry” Blogging course I’m really enjoy writing poetry especially Haiku and Tanka Poetry.

I have started a Weekly Tanka Challenge, not going very well, but won’t give up on it yet, I think with time it will get more writers giving it a go.

Did a Three quotes a day for three days quote challenge, got a nice response with bloggers I nominated.

Received another Blogging Award “One Loverly Blog Award” very happy to accept it.

Wrote some fiction writing for “Six Sentence Stories” and “Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Quote”.

Best post for the month of July.

I have written 243 posts since I started my blog at the beginning of January, the month of July I wrote 43 posts.

Have 352 followers, thank you to all my followers, without you I have a feeling I wouldn’t have written so many posts.

12 thoughts on “My Monthly Memories – July 2016

  1. I did not read much about having fun while writing your blogposts. You do have fun, don’t you?
    Happy blogging!

    P.S. Did you already choose a theme for next year’s A to Z challenge? You could write some sort of a A to Z story. This would be longer as a blogpost, but shorter as a novel?! – I’m already thinking about what to do next year, but my mind is still empty…

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    • Yes, I do have fun writing the posts for my blog.
      I was in a hurry to get a post done for today as I had to go to the farm and help my husband get the new piping, from the dam working, as the cows had no water. We were there all day there, only got back 5.00 pm and that would have been a day missed posting, which I’m sure is going to happen. We are putting our farm up for tender to be sold in the next couple of months, hopefully, my old body is feeling the pressure of working on the farm. Time to retire from farm work.
      I haven’t thought about A to Z challenge next year yet.
      Hope you had a great July writing,

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      • In July I was a bot lazy. I ran less, read less blogposts and posted less… But now it’s August and time to be more active. – Best wishes for your farm-selling-project!


      • Sometimes you need to take a break from the pressures of life, I wouldn’t call it being lazy, just resting.
        Thanks for the best wishes, I think we will need it, so much work to be done and it’s winter, heavy rain causing problems.
        All the best for your writing in August.

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