A to Z Random Facts about me.


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A to Z Random Facts about me.

I came across this interesting theme A-to-Z on Anamika Agnihotri Blog. It involves stating 26 random facts about yourself.

Here I go, making a list like this may give me some ideas and help me with my BloggingU  “Shaping Your Story” Week two: Intros and Hooks, which I’m finding to be a real challenge, which is killing my brain.


A- Age: 75

B- Biggest fear: My husband passing away before me. I couldn’t imagine living without him after 57 years.

C- Current time: 3.00 pm Sunday afternoon.

D- Drink you last had:  A glass of water

E- Every day starts with:  Getting the newspaper for my husband to read, listening to the news of the day, breakfast, then writing a new post for my blog, and reading my emails on my computer from WordPress.

F- Favorite Song: This is not an easy one for me since I enjoy all modern music,  I have had these posts on my HubPages for four years now, Male Singers, Female Singers.

G- Ghosts, are they real?: Yes. I’m sure of that one, I have encountered one in my bedroom in the middle of the night.

H- Hometown: Any place in Taranaki New Zealand, was born in Stratford, live in Waitara now, both are in Taranaki

I- In love with:  My husband, and blogging.

J- Jealous of: Actually I haven’t got a jealous bone in my body, (if you can say it like that, wouldn’t know what Jealously was).

K- Killed someone: Not way. Where would that get me in life, Other than in prison?

L- Last time you cried: I haven’t cried for so long I can’t remember the last time.

M- Middle name: Louvain

N- Number of siblings: Three sisters, one brother, one of my sisters pass away in 2006 with Multiple Sclerosis.

O- One wish: That I wake up to a new day.

P- Person you last called: I can’t remember the last person I called, I hate talking on the phone, it would need to be an emergency for me to call someone.

Q- Question you’re always asked: What are you going to do today? That’s my husband asking the question.

R- Reason to smile: I don’t need a reason to smile, I smile a lot, it makes me feel happy when someone smiles back.

S- Sounds that annoy you: My husband eating a banana with false teeth.

T- Time you woke up: Wake up about 6 am.

U- Useful information: Never go to bed after an argument with your husband before sorting it out.

V- Vacation destination: I have lived in town for nearly six months (winter in NZ it’s warmer), my only vacant I have is going back to the farm and feeding the animals. The farm is going on the market, I will be glad when it’s sold, I’m so tired, I need a vacation, which I have never had one for some fifteen years.

W- Worst habit: Spending too much time writing, commenting, reading on my WordPress Blog.

X- X-Rays you’ve had: When I broke the bone in two places on my left leg five years ago, now I have a plate in my ankle

Y- Your favorite food: Sandwiches. Easy to make, tasty to eat.

Z- Zodiac sign: Virgo

Wasn’t it fun? Would you like to take this on?

If you do, please share with me and leave in the comments box below.

10 thoughts on “A to Z Random Facts about me.

  1. How scary it would be to encounter ghosts in your bedroom in the middle of the night? I loved it what you did with the letter U. U for underwear colour was such a waste. 57 years to live with the same person and having stayed in love is hope for the younger generation. Sandwiches, I got that 😀 Thank you for linking up.

    Liked by 1 person

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