Welcome to Six Sentence Stories – Puff


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Welcome to Six Sentence Stories – Puff

It had been a very rewarding day for Jeff and his dog Spot, they had travelled some distance and it had brought back some great memories of his younger days going on weekend trips with his dad.

They had been climbing down a slope when he noticed that flat land in the distance, he was quite happy about that, as he was very aware that his right foot felt a bit tender as though there was a blister coming.

As he hit the bottom of the gully the wind which had been just a gentle puff, while coming down the slope, was getting stronger and was much more now than a light breeze.

There were very heavy clouds coming over the top of the ranges, “it looks like we are in for a wetting” he said to his dog Spot, “better see if we can find some shelter”.

Rounding the corner his prayers were answered, there was this red brick building, it had steps going up the side to the chimney, he did wonder why, but it’s not the time at the moment to start thinking about little things like that.

Moving faster to their destination he said to Spot jokingly, ” I hope it not like the three little pigs house and gets blown down with one Puff while we are in it.


Command… this week’s  cue is “Puff”.

    • Six sentences no more , no less
    • Any genre that strikes your fancy
    • Use the word any way you like
    • Link it up

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Six Sentence Stories – Puff

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting.
      I was wondering myself why stairs on a chimney, but until you mention it now I have forgotten about it.
      Hope you find some interesting results about it.


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