BloggingU – Week one – What’s your Angle


BloggingU – Week one – What’s your Angle

Shaping your Story. #shapingyourstory

I have just completed week one of the new BloggingU Course

Here are a couple of links for short stories I have written this week.

At the end of this Week One, I have no idea “What my Angle is”.

Looking again at what I have written, I cannot work our really what my stories are about, other than things I can apply to my life.

The first one is a subject that has tormented my all my life (FLOOD WATERS), my second one is my childhood years reading children’s stories.

So I could most likely say it is my life experiences that motivate my stories.

  • Dig into memories of “magical” childhood adventures.

  • Tap into your inner world of dreams.

  • Think about the experiences that have moved, affected, or changed you.

This a snippet from the course, I think it is what I have done without realizing it before I actually concentrated on the course.

I would appreciate a few comments about my writing as I’m completely lost in the first week of this new BloggingU course.

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