Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes Prompt Challenge #35 A Surprise


Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes Prompt Challenge #35 A Surprise

Jody had been relaxing, reading a book, it was a very wet afternoon so she snuggled up on the settee under the window to have a couple of hours rest before her husband arrived back with their two children, from an afternoon at the mall.

She must have drifted off to sleep as she was dreaming about a little pixie that was floating around the dark forest with a daisy in his hand, it looked as though he was having a great time, when all of a sudden as he rounded the corner there was a bright light shining on the wall, that looked like an apple was sitting on the wall. also, some were on the floor, Jody wondered how that apple sat right up there like that on the wall.

There was a loud noise glancing around the little pixie  had “A Surprise” there was a lady that looked like she was asleep on a settee under the window watching him.

Now being a shy pixie he shuffled back very quickly into the darkness of the forest.

All of a sudden there was a loud bang, it gave Jody such a fright that she fell off the settee she was resting on, only to find that her family had arrived back home, and the wind had caught the door as they came inside and slammed it shut.

Judy’s eldest daughter, Amy looked at her mother on the floor and started laughing, her mother was still half asleep, and the dream, she was having, still high in her mine, she looked at her laughing daughter and asked her why she put the apple up on the wall so the little pixie couldn’t get it.

Amy looked around the room wondering what was going on, there were no apples here, why was her mother talking like that.

Then Jody, releasing what had happen felt a little stupid, that loud noise that had given her such a surprise was in her own home not in the forest, she released she had been dreaming, and started laughing with her family, who would believe her if she told them that she must have fallen asleep and was dreaming about pixies, daisy and apples on a shelf in the forest.

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