3 Day Quote Challenge – Day One


3 Day Quote Challenge – Day One

Thanks ismathim for nominating me !

Rules to be followed:

  • 3 quotes each day
  • 3 nominees to be nominated (no repetition!)
  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Inform the nominees

Here’s Day One Quotes.

1 – “Never throughout history has a man who lived a life of ease left a name worth remembering.”

Theodore Roosevelt

2 – I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

Here’s one that I hope gives you a chuckle for the day.

3 – Two little mice fell in a bucket of cream. The first mouse quickly gave up and drowned. The second mouse, wouldn’t quit. He struggled so hard that eventually he churned that cream into butter and crawled out.

I nominate, Obsolete Childhood,  Brigid P. Gallagher, AES, to take up the challenge.

5 thoughts on “3 Day Quote Challenge – Day One

  1. I love number 3 in your quotes! and thanks for the nomination! I adore showing off my font of ridiculous information and this fits nicely. lol


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