Welcome to Six Sentence Stories – Book


Welcome to Six Sentence Stories – Book

Before going to bed I was studying a few paragraphs in a new book that I had picked up in the library.

Although I had a pen in hand, I never intended to write anything in this book.

Did I fall asleep or what?

As when I glance at a page there were paragraphs highlighted on the page.

Taking note of the highlighted print it was the exact lines I was looking for.

I never remember marking them, how was I going to explain this to the librarian when I return the book.


This week the word is BOOK

    •  no more, no less than the usual six sentences
    • Any genre that strikes your fancy
    • Use the word any way you like
    • Link it up

7 thoughts on “Welcome to Six Sentence Stories – Book

  1. Perhaps you were so pleased to find just what you were looking for , you marked it without realizing. On the other hand …maybe someone else marked it that happen to be looking for the same things you were looking for. Strange things do happen…and some are meant to be!


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