Welcome to Six Sentence Stories – 7 – Market


Welcome to Six Sentence Stories – Market

The Real Estate Market is so strong in Auckland NZ, that it is impossible to find a home in your price bracket if you can find one for sale at all.

If you could find a home sitting in the air at sea I’m sure there would be a buyer as it’s practically impossible to find a piece of land to build at a reasonable price.

Why does everyone want a home in Auckland when there are plenty of other regions with homes that are in a good price plan?

The strong, growing economy is putting extra demand on the housing market, it is said that we are now in the middle of the biggest building boom New Zealand has ever seen.

The New Zealand Government now have come up with a plan this week, a new $1 billion Housing Infrastructure Fund to accelerate new housing in the high-demand areas where it’s needed most.

If you are in the market for buying a house in Auckland you may need to look future a field, good luck.


This week’s cue word is, ‘Market.’ Use it any way you like. Use it in any genre you see fit. Use it in six sentences, no more, no less, please

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Six Sentence Stories – 7 – Market

  1. First of all that photo at the beginning of your story is whimsical and inspiring. I’d love to live there. It is an interesting description of the market and I am thinking of all those happy carpenters and masons who will be working to build those new houses. Well done.

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    • Yes, there is plenty of work for builders, plumbers, etc, that’s all good, plenty of work for everyone, it’s hard to get a builder even in Taranaki (that’s where I live).
      Thanks for commenting, appreciate it.


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