My Monthly Memories May – June 2016


My Monthly Memories May – June 2016

The year is going so fast, I see I missed May, so have once again I will put two months together May and June.

I could remember what I had written in May I know I was busy all month writing.

For twenty days in May, I took on the challenge with Blogging University Writing Everyday Inspiration and completed it.

Well, that takes up twenty days of May.

Now to see what I did in the last ten days of May.

I wrote few  Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes Prompt Stories.

A couple of Six Sentences Stories

Joined the Blogging Meetup, have written a couple of Posts, must try to write more, been a bit slack on that one.

I had two Awards – Blogger Recognition Award and Blogger recognition Smiley Thumb Award.

June 2016

I took on the Kathleen Duncan Challenge 1 – 30 June and completed it.

3 Day Quote Challenge, I enjoyed doing that one.

In the last few days of June I started “Intro to Poetry” which I enjoyed but don’t think I will take on writing poetry, it’s nice for a change.

I really do like writing short stories using a picture as a guide.

I have been blogging on this site for six months now, have two hundred and seven posts and 294 Followers.

Thank you, everyone, I appreciate every one of you, you make my day.

Looking forward to writing more in the coming months, don’t know that I will write another 200 posts, though.

5 thoughts on “My Monthly Memories May – June 2016

  1. Wow! You really had an awesome months!👐 I cannot write posts as many as you did my dear, you are really a handful. Keep on doing what makes you happy and fulfilled. May God bless you more😙😙😙


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