Promise (HTML example)

I’m doing “Intro To Poetry” I’m having a little trouble, how to do it right. I came across this post, it will be a great help to me, so I’m sharing it with my readers. Thank you, Jane you are a great inspiration to us new writers learning to write poetry.

Making it write

       tremble  as 
     the  branches sway. 
    the spell they weave is
   picked  up  by  the  wind, 
   and wafted through my open 
   window. those strong trees 
   protect  me, cleaning the 
   air,  and vow to shelter 
    my children long after 
      I  am forgotten. I 
        know  they will 
           keep their 

For anyone interested in trying visual poetry such as this, I’d like to illustrate how it is done using HTML. You simply go to HTML in your editor, arrange the writing as you wish, then put <pre> at the beginning, and </pre> at the end, like this:

<pre>leaves blah blah …… blah blah promise</pre>

Don’t go back to the visual editor or you may lose the format – although I just did that and got away with it.

Happy versification 🙂

©Jane Paterson Basil

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2 thoughts on “Promise (HTML example)

  1. thank you for reblogging this – I’m pleased you think it may help you. Are you doing a concrete/visual poem? One advantage: if you don’t get the wording perfect, your readers may not notice, because they’re blown away by the way it looks 🙂 I don’t think this poem would have seemed so good if it hadn’t been for the leaf shape 🙂


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