June 1-30 Challenge – Day 30 – Thirty Books


Day 30 Thirty Books

June 30, 1936. Margaret Mitchell’s book, Gone with the Wind, was published. 

Your last Challenge!

Have you dreamt of writing a novel? Set a timer for thirty minutes and free write! Write whatever comes to mind, then take just a few moments to do some simple editing such as correcting grammar and spelling.

Alternative: Have you read Gone with the Wind? Do you want to read it? What books do you want to read? What books have you read that you recommend? What books do you not recommend or will you not read?

Give us your list of thirty books.

June 1-30 Challenge – Day 30 – Thirty Books

I really don’t know much about books, I haven’t read one for years, I just don’t have the time to read them, so I decided to “Set a timer for thirty minutes and free write”, This is what I came up with.

Figurines and Ornaments.

As I have just finished dusting and setting all my ornaments up in the cabinet, after shifting them from my farm home, here my thought’s about figurines.

They are messy hard to handle little things, I’m afraid of breaking them, but I love them.

As a collector of beautiful art work, of subjects like landscapes, animals, birds, flowers, fruit, fairies, and angels, it had become an addiction.

They were mainly gifts given to me from my family as they knew I collected them, or I would never have had some many.

I was known for my collection, and when birthdays etc came around, these were the kind of gift’s I received, I really appreciated every one of them.

I used to spend hours sitting at my china cabinet dusting and cleaning all my fairies and angel ornaments, each one has special memories of a person dear to my heart, that gave me them, as everyone was a gift of love.

Do you collect ornaments or are you a person that think they are just clutter, taking up space?

Avon Figurines

Now that was 30 mins writing, but when I did the editing, I had been doing a lot of rambling, I deleted most of it, I think it will be a while before I write a book.

So this is the last post of “June 1 – 30 challenge”, hope you enjoyed reading my rambles.

Haiku to finish off the challenge, the vision is the photo at the top.

If time would stand still

My greatest pleasure would be

Shady tree and book.

3 thoughts on “June 1-30 Challenge – Day 30 – Thirty Books

  1. I admit to collecting a lot of kitsch, figurines and ornaments – as retro as I can find. I have to control myself at Christmas but at least they are only displayed once a year.


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