June 1-30 Challenge – Day 23 In or Out


Day 23 In or Out

June 23, 2016. Britain votes today whether to stay in the European Union or get out of it.  The choice is simple: In or Out. But the ramifications of a vote to leave are complex and uncertain.

Have you ever had to choose In or Out? Maybe it was a job that you didn’t like. Or a business deal. Maybe you were in a relationship where you had to choose In or Out.

Write about making a simple but difficult choice.

  June 1-30 Challenge – Day 23 In or Out

Kathleen Duncan’s June 1 to 30 challenge, has been a challenge on its own to me, completely different to an average challenge it has pushed me to my limits every day to come up with a post.

So today “In or out” I have never had to worry about this subject, if I applied for a job I usually got it, if I went in I always come out with the job, it was much easier getting a job fifty years ago.

Another thought – that’s what an enter and exit sign means, In or Out”.

Here’s a challenge for my readers today about the photo above ” If you entered the plot of mazes with all the in’s and outs, how would you know if you were “in or out” of the maze?

Haiku – In or Out.

Walking through the maze

Wondering if in or out

Lost no fun at all.

Today’s post was written using the above photo, to me looks like a maze, “How do you know if you are in or out of that Scene”? Thank you for reading.

One more week to the end of June.

12 thoughts on “ June 1-30 Challenge – Day 23 In or Out

  1. In or out… I hope I’ll be able to sleep tonight. We have to wait for the results and in the case of out to worry for several years what this really means for Europe (and for the UK). Polling stations will close at 10 pm UK time, so if they won’t count during the night we will have to wait till Friday afternoon for a result. Well, I will see…
    Great article – and I wasn’t aware that this question “made it” all the way to New Zealand.

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