June 1-30 Challenge – Day 20 – Twenty Minutes


Day 20 Twenty Minutes

June 20, 1963. The United States and Soviet Union signed an agreement to set up a hot line communication link between the two countries. 

If you could have a hot line to any person, dead or alive, who would it be? Who would you want to chat with if you only had twenty minutes on the hot line? What would you tell them?

June 1-30 Challenge – Day 20 – Twenty Minutes

Like the picture above I feel like a lost lass in the jungle with no one that cared about me when I was a child.

So if I had a hot line for 20 minutes, I would speak to my mother, (she died in the 1970’s) I would ask a few question that has troubled me for years.

Why wasn’t there any love in our home?

Mum, why did you never put your arms around us (five children) and give us a hug?

It was a though you never wanted us, words are powerful, it would have been nice to hear you say “I love you all” especially when they came from our mother which we all loved.

Did you really have no love in your heart for the children you brought into the world?

I could say a whole lot more about my children hood, but those days are forgotten, I don’t live in the past, but I still would love to know why our mother never showed us any love.

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