June 1-30 Challenge – Day 19 – Letter? No!


Day 19 Nineteenth Letter? No!

“June 19, 1989. The movie Batman premiered. My Andrew thought Batman a great hero. 

Can you be a blogging hero without utilizing the 19th letter of the alphabet?

Do not utilize the nineteenth letter of the alphabet when writing your article to be made public on your blog today. The topic of the article may be anything you like. It can be any length. But it cannot contain the nineteenth letter”!

June 1-30 Challenge – Day 19 – Letter? No!

This is called  “Lipogram” writing. Lipo means “lacking; without,” and gram comes from grammar, meaning “letter”.

Lipogram refers to any text composed of words which lack a particular letter.

In this post for the 1 – 30 June Challenge, the nineteen letter is “S”

This is an old Nursery Rhyme which I’ve changed any word with the “S” in it.

Here Is My Version

Ding dong bell,

Kitty died in the well

Who let her die?

Little Johnny Fin

Who got her out?

Little Tommy Thin.

What a bad boy Johnny Fin was.

To kill a kitty cat.

Who never did any harm,

But played with the mice in the barn.

That was very easy removing the “S”. check out this link above which was for removing the Letter “O” in nursery rhymes, if you want a good laugh.

Here is another Lipogram which I wrote a few months ago, removing the Letter “O” in nursery rhymes, it could give you a good laugh.

420px-Ding Dong Bell

Photo Credit – This was the version I used, being the most common modern version.

Because of the fear that children might be affected by the violence of the rhyme and specifically that children might be tempted to put cats in wells, led to several attempts to reform the rhyme, so there are other later versions.

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