June 1-30 Challenge – Day 16 – Sixteen and Licensed to Drive.


Photo Credit – this photo is a 1955 model but our Vauxhall Velox 1954 model looked exactly like this one as it didn’t have traffic indicators on the side it had flashing lights red at the rear, US-style.

“Day 16 Sixteen and Licensed to Drive!

June 16, 1903, The Ford Motor Company was incorporated.

Sixteen is the age at which you can get a driver’s license in most states in the US. Was your first car a Ford? Tell us about getting your license or your first car.

Alternative: Write about a road trip”.

June 1-30 Challenge – Day 16 – Sixteen and Licensed to Drive.

The first car I drove and got my drivers license with was a 1954 Vauxhall Velox 1954 model, we had it for many years until it couldn’t get a Warrant of Fitness because of rust.

It was a very reliable car, never ever let us down.

I don’t know what age you had to be in New Zealand to get a drivers license in the 1950’s.

I was in no hurry to get one when I was a teenager.

I went for my driver license when I was eighteen, and got it with no problems, it only cost five shillings.

Just a little more about driving, I have had my drivers license for fifty-seven years, never ever had an accident, never been pulled up by a traffic cop, I’m very proud of that record.

I worked for 30 years and drove a car every day, have traveled thousands of miles, even now in my seventies, I have no problems driving in heavy traffic, only don’t drive at nighttime because of my old eyes cannot cope with car lights approaching me.


Photo Credit

Yes, we did own a Ford Falcon station wagon, for many years for my five children, in those days we didn’t need seat belts and on long trips, my two youngest boys would go to sleep in the back, how times have changed.

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