The real handicap.

Here is an example of life that we could all take note of, written by a young man that we could all learn from, he writes from his heart.

Bharath's Banter

The stick in his hand was shaking as if it couldn’t take his weight anymore. His hands were shivering like he couldn’t hold the stick for long.

It was a rainy day and the rain seemed like it’s not gonna stop anytime soon.
The old man with the stick was in rags which weren’t capable of keeping him warm.
A guy stood beside him with earphones plugged in, humming to the tune and shaking his head to the rhythm.
The old man approached him,

Excuse me, sir…can you please..”

“No, I got nothing to give you! Stop begging and find some work. Sheesh!”
The guy scowled.

“Can I help you cross the road, grandpa??”
A kid asked the old man, taking hold of his hand.

“Ahh yes, child! Can you please take me to the other side of the road?”

“Yes, grandpa.”

The boy took the grandpa to the…

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