Blogger Recognition Smiley Thumb Award


I was nominated for another award, thank you Erhynireh – Her Title line on her blog “Random Thought’s of a Sentimental Fool”, she may be sentimental, but she is no fool. She is passionate about her writing.

Crystal blank for award on black

Blogger recognition Smiley Thumb Award.

She actually awarded me with two in one award, I have separated them and have already done the “Bloggers Recognition Award”.

Now it’s time to do the “Blogger Recognition Smiley Thumb Award” looking for all those smiley faces that make reading blogs a pleasure every day.

So the rules are as follows:

1. Show your new cool award logo.

2. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

3. Tell us what makes you smile.

4. Select other blogs you want to give the award to. How many is up to you.

5.  Copy and paste the rules.

What makes me smile?

The fact that I actually have my own blog and I’m actively writing most days makes me smile.

This nomination makes me smile, just looking at a smiling thumb.

Seeing the smiling faces in all my followers profile image.

The laughter of a baby,

Seeing someone returning a smile,

The sun shining on a cold wet day.

Hearing happy children playing

There are so many things that make me smile I could go on for ever. So I’ll nominate people now!

Whether you’ll accept the award or not, you’ll have made me smile, so thanks, I hope it makes you smile.

Thank you Erhynireh, I appreciate being nominated for this award.

Lord of the Trekkies

Ridiculous Bharath

Slow But Steady Blog

That Girl Nicki

Kewan Blogs

A Solitary Philomath

Ms Audreyc

Abc of Spirit Talk

Serena Sinclair

Plate it up Recipes

Justine Parages

Hurricane Kylee

Tawni Winns

Dream Katcher Blog

Suzanne Bowditch


I apologize if you’ve previously been nominated or have already received the Blogger Recognition Smiley Thumb Award, it goes to show that other bloggers love your smile.

Have a great day.

One thought on “Blogger Recognition Smiley Thumb Award

  1. Your nomination has made me smile. 🙂
    Congratulations, and well deserved, Elsie. You have a great blog and a ‘wonderful smile’.
    Thank You, and keep up the great work. 🙂


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