Welcome to Six Sentence Stories 23 – Address


Feeling a little knocked around after a hard week at work Kerry decided that a walk along the river might lift her spirits.

She met several small animals scurrying through the bush as she approached them.

One little fellow could not have heard her coming as she nearly walked on him, that was when she saw the boulders all stack neatly on top of one another.

She couldn’t believe with the water flowing so fast that they could have been stacked so neatly, just like the kids playing with building blocks.

Taking a photo she decided she would talk to her flatmate about this, maybe he would be able to help her understand how sometimes the wonders of nature fall together like this.

How was she going to address this subject? she didn’t want him to think she was stupid, maybe she had better let it stay as a memory in her mind and save upsetting her peaceful mind after the pleasant walk along the river listening to the water flowing down the stream.

Six-SentenceRules for Six Sentence Story – Six sentences no more, no less, cue of the week is Address, any genre you like, use the cue however you like. The link stays there until Tuesday.

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