Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes Prompt Challenge #25 – A Guest Appearance


Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes Prompt Challenge 25 – A Guest Appearance

Mike had been working towards a three week break for nearly a year, planning a break away from all the hustle and bustle of city life, he needed to rest his brain from all the technical figures and the consist stress of making sure he didn’t make a mistake that would affect the future of his trial testing for unusual cancer cells that are very rare, going ahead and making a big name for himself around the world.

The trip that he was planning through the Yosemite National park would take some very special clothing and footwear to last the journey of wear and tear on the rocks.

All year he had been training and trying out footwear to find out which one’s would last the distance without causing too much damage to his feet.

He had been going to the gym and working his body to the level he thought would be needed to sustain the climb he intended to do up those steep ranges.

He was new to this kind of holiday, usually, he went on a group holiday with his friend, but this time he intended to have a holiday by himself.

The big day arrived, he was ready, he had packed everything carefully, making sure his knapsack wasn’t too heavy but still have all he needed to survive, and most important of all was his camera and the gear he need to take photos, which he was going to sell to help finance his project on the cancer project

The first few days everything had been going as he had planned, his mind was more relaxed than it had been for some time, no figures sweeping through his mind, (was it right, no that’s wrong, where did I get those figures from, have I made a mistake)?

Yes, the stress level of his job was telling on his body, that was why he had decided to get away from it all.

He hadn’t seen much life as he had walked along the valleys below the ranges, a few rocks had fallen from a brow along the way, nothing too big lucky for him, birds had spread their wings in flight as he had come upon them unexpectantly, but otherwise, everything was perfect, he had peace of mind at last.

But today, which he will never forget, started off to be the same as all the other days, nothing interesting going on, so he decided to add a bit of excitement to his day.

At a point that he could see in the distance that extended out from the ledge, to push on to a higher point above him to get a better view of some of the excellent scenery of trees and bushes that you always come across when doing a bush walk such as this.

While climbing up the ridge he came upon some very slippery rocks, which wasn’t the first time he had seen this while ascending into the hight’s of the ranges towards the sky.

But this time the ridge was getting very narrow, he was starting to regret taking this track he should have stayed on the main tracks, as he had a feeling that something bad was going to happen, and it did, he lost his footing and went tumbling down the hillside through the bushes, lucky it wasn’t at the steepest point of his climb, and his fall was broken by some bigger trees, luckily he broke no bones in his fall, except being badly bruised, everything plus his knapsack kept on falling down to the bottom of the gully, all he had was his camera which he had round his neck and a flare.

Badly shaken but still able to move he looked up through bushes on the ranges and there in front of his eyes, was a figure a guest appearance unexpectedly sitting on a jutting rock on the steep hillside.

Was it a human or an animal he couldn’t tell from the distance but out came his camera and he snapped the photo hoping it would work after that fall, it did as you can see by the photo below.


Can you tell if that figure was a human or an animal or was he having a dream that he was waking up from after his fall?

Needless to say with no tramping gear or food he needed to make his way up the cliff to clearance of bush, the best he could do was to let off a flare, which he had on his belt and hoped someone would see it as his body was in no shape to get out of that park, without help, maybe he had better stick to his office work, could be a little less dangerous after all, what was stress?

You can’t escape from it no matter what you do, that’s living life.

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