Six Sentence Stories 22 – Instinct


Welcome to Six Sentence Stories 22 – Instinct

This is me at the moment, like the picture above, miles away from my writing, living on the moon where there’s no civilization.

Spent most of the week on the farm sorting and moving stock to the sale yards and dairy stock away to another farm to be milked in the coming season starting in June, plus bringing more stuff from the house to town.

If I had had any instinct that I would be feeling like this, now we have left the farm, and the animals have been moved off  leaving only 50 cows to calve in September, I might have stayed on the farm if the winters were warmer.

I enjoyed writing in the country, miles away from the hustle and bustle of town life, it just came naturally.

I successfully completed the A to Z challenge, mainly because I started writing half the posts back in March before we started shifting.

Now that I have that mental block I need to get over that feeling of depression about leaving the farm and get writing, but that’s easier said than done.


Rules for Six Sentence Story – Six sentences no more, no less, cue of the week is Instinct, any genre you like, use the cue however you like. The link stays there until Tuesday.

6 thoughts on “Six Sentence Stories 22 – Instinct

  1. I hope the cement block crumbles away soon….maybe a stream of thought could break through it like water wears down stone??? The block is so difficult to tolerate! Thanks for linking up!!!

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  2. I imagine the transition would be difficult. I hope that you can create a special place for yourself in your new surroundings that will bring you peace so you can keep writing, my friend. 💕😃

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    • Thanks Jill for your kind comment, it brought tears to my eyes perhaps that is what I need a good cry after all my husband and I have been farming all our married life (fifty-six years) I knew it would be hard for my husband that is why we still have the farm to return to if my husband gets too depressed, but I never thought it would affect me as much as it has.
      Thanks, dear friend, blessings to you.

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  3. City girl, country girl. I’ve had that dilemma for lots of my life. So here I reside in the suburbs with some land around me but access to the culture of the city. Riding through farmland has always brought a certain peace to me. I hope you can find that peace in your new environment.

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