Welcome to Six Sentence Stories – Ex


Six Sentence Stories  – Terrier

The base of the hose was firmly secured in the ground.

But this little terrier being a garden dog loved having fun with the water when the hose was turned on.

He was getting wetter by the minute, but he wasn’t going to give up this time.

It wasn’t the first time that he had tried tugging the hose while the sprinkler was going, that was one of the reasons Bob had made a special base on the reel stand and bolted it to the ground.

So as the water was coming out that little terrier thought he would give it an extra tug and he would be able to more it over to the other side of the garden.

Having such a firm hold on the hose he punctured the hose with his teeth and the water shoot straight up his nose and took his breath away, so that stopped that little adventure for today anyhow, yes Ex – the departure from the hose for another day anyway.


Rules for Six Sentence Story – Six sentences no more, no less, cue of the week is Ex, any genre you like, use the cue however you like. The link stays there until Tuesday.

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