The Daily Post “one-word prompt”, Disappointment.

As today is the last Sunday in April for the A to Z Challenge, which I have been taking part in and enjoyed doing it, no posts needed on Sunday so I will take this chance to apologise to my readers.

It was the biggest disappointment of the challenge I never had the time to read and comment on many of the other participates that were involved in writing.

Back in February when I registered, I had no idea I would be without an internet connection while shifting from our country farm house into town.

The town-house had my computer in it which was 35 kms apart. I only spend two night’s a week living there and the other five in the farmhouse, no internet.

It was just as well I had half of the posts wrote before April.

I tried setting the posts to be posted on the right day, but found it didn’t work for me, maybe I needed to be a premium member.

I tweeted most of the challenges I read hoping it would help the feeling of disappointment of not having the time to comment.

In May I will be returning to my regular posts so hope I can make up for all the commenting I never did.

Love you all.

13 thoughts on “Disappointment

  1. I wonder, did you check your settings to make sure your blog was set to the correct time zone? It defaults to universal time and that’s probably why your posts are publishing on the day. It’s always worked for me and I have the free version. Also, the publishing time goes by the 24 hours clock (1 pm = 13:00). If all of that’s correct, then I don’t have a clue what’s causing your posts to not get published on the right day.

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    • Thanks for commenting about the publishing on the day for posts.
      I will check out the universal time, it most likely is the problem.
      I have the last week of the A to Z Challenge ready to post, so will have another look and see if I can get it working.
      Wish I had known that a couple of weeks ago.
      Thanks for the help, you are a good writer, I always enjoy your posts.
      All the best for your studies for the year, you are a hard worker.
      Blessings to you.

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  2. I have the free version as well and prescheduling works. Don’t be too disappointed. The challenge should be fun and you managed great during the last weeks. Your posts come quite regularly and I get feedback as well. By likes or when you share my posts and the posts others on twitter.
    I guess people will be as well glad to get comments in Mai 🙂

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  3. Thank you for being thoughtful about your readers. I do understand that there are uncontrollable things in life, what’s more important is our willingness to make up for our shortcomings, cheers to a more amazing May!

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  4. I have changed the date on my wordpress posts a few times.
    Click on My Sites on the top left of your page
    Click WP Admin at the bottom
    Click At A Glance at the top left
    Click on the pin symbol that shows the number of posts you have written. Mine says 408
    Click quick edit on the post you want to change.
    It shows Title, Slug, Date Here you can change the date.

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    • Thanks for commenting.
      I will follow your very good explanation of how to get those posts working.
      I have enjoyed reading your posts, looking forward to your next one.


  5. We can’t help that life gets in the way sometimes but it was nice to have been prepared a little I bet .. this is my first A-Z and I have found myself running behind with posts or trying to catch up with readings, it’s a big task. Don’t be too hard on yourself though, we can only do so much 🙂

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    • Thank you for the nice comment, this is my first one also
      Trying not to be too hard on myself, but still feeling a little of the disappointment I wrote about, maybe next year I will do better.
      Will go and check out your posts, happy writing.

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