Six Sentence Stories – Duck


Welcome to Six Sentence Stories – Duck

Rules ā€“ Six sentences no more, no less, cue of the week is Duck, any genre you like, use the cue however you like. The link stays there until Tuesday.

Six Sentence Stories

In a land of plenty, there was aways food to feed everyone, humans and animals alike.

Duck, was wondering along the edge of the pond wondering where his mates were when he came across a sight that most humans never see.

Fish were everywhere as far as the eye could see, not small ones either.

He slipped into the water, hoping he was going to get an easy meal.

As he started paddling slowing through the water, the fish decided it was time to get moving away from that intruder in their space.

Away they shot in every direction, duck soon released that the meal he thought was going to be an easy catch, was over, he never even got near them, they were all gone, just leaving a ripple in the water behind them.

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