A Friend Shows Up


Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes.

A Friend Shows Up

For years Jessie had put up with abnormal treatment from her stepfather, she hated being around him, every time he put his hands on her she would turn icing cold and wonder what was going to happen next.

Finally, one day she couldn’t take it anymore, packing a bag away she went, nobody ever thought Jessie would disappear, she was loved by everyone, her mother was beside herself with pain and worry of what had happened to her, it just wasn’t Jessie to disappear like that, without telling her where she was going.

Jessie had walked some four or five miles along a river bank bush track, feeling weary she stop for a rest under an old oak tree to rest.

She must have drifted off to sleep for some hours, as when she woke it was dark, she couldn’t see a thing, there was fog in every direction, thick as pea soup, so many noises around her, they seemed to be coming from every direction, she was very frighten

Thump! What was that noise?

Turning around she could see nothing, but she had a feeling she was being followed, by what she didn’t know.

Very scared, she started to panic, her heart was pounding away, then a bird called out in the tree above her, that was as much as she could take, she started walking along the edge of a river, remembering that sooner or later she must come to some kind of life, a camper or someone else surely, funny she hadn’t seen anyone all day.

Realizing she wasn’t going to get very far without endangering her life in this thick fog along a river bed she decided to follow a narrow track up the bank, within the distance she could see what looked like a light shining or maybe it was the moon off in the distance.

She reached the top, there was a road in front of her, must have been car light’s she had seen from the distance.

She thought to herself, I will keep walking along the road I can see better in the fog, and it will be a whole lot safer than down on the river bed with those scary noises that seemed to be following her.

She keep slowly walking along the road when all of a sudden around the corner appeared a dog, she was so excited as she recognized it, it was Paul’s dog, a neighbor that lived a few miles from her home, still walking with the dog beside her barking loudly she continued walking slowly through the fog.

All of a sudden there was a loud yell it was Paul he had been out looking for her.

In her confusion she had made a turn which ended up walking back the way she had come, Paul’s dog had found her in the fog, Paul had heard the barking and followed the sound, yes, “a friend show’s up” she was so happy, knowing she would finally return back to her mother, she was going to have a talk with her and get things sorted out, about her stepfather.

8 thoughts on “A Friend Shows Up

  1. I can’t imagine another man in my house living with my children other than their father. One of the reason why I kept on holding on with him despite of our estranged relationship. What do you think about this Elsie? Sometimes I can’t help but feel unfair, the sacrifices for children’s sake, is this called martyrdom?

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    • I have the same thoughts as you hate a broken home, children suffer too much. I have seen the problems with my grand-children as one of my son’s marriage broke up.
      I will have to check out “martyrdom” on Google, not sure what that word means.

      Liked by 1 person

      • It is a metaphor not literally meant my friend. What I want to say is, I feel pained sometimes that I have to sacrifice my own happiness to be stuck with someone I know doesn’t love me anymore instead of taking a chance to meet someone who can reciprocate my love. It’s like I don’t have any choice but to bury my heart and forget about romantic love for the sake of my children.


    • Thanks for the encouraging comment, been struggling to write lately, have been shifting, changing my internet connection has made it hard to keep up with my writing, been trying to write a post every day, miss one that wasn’t bad.
      Hope you are having a great week.


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