Daily Post Tuesday Chatter – 19


Daily Post Tuesday Chatter is a weekly event.  You can chatter about anything and everything.    There are no specific rules as long as you’re cool.

Tuesday Chatter – 19
Looking around for a subject to chat about, I found this cute photo of a baby with a claw glove of an animal in its mouth.

It brought back memories of my five children when they were babies.

One of my daughter’s had a favorite cuddle blanket that went everywhere with her, if she cried all you needed to do was give her the blanket and she would stop crying.

As a toddler she started sucking the corner of it, that blanket was always in her arms, it used to have a job just to get it off of her to wash, she would accept another one after a lot of pre swaying, but the one I had washed was always pulled out of the washing basket as soon as it was brought in from the clothes line.

Needless to say, the blanket started falling to bits from all the chewing, as it fell to bits, she would carry just one of the pieces around with her, still chewing it.

That blanket finally when in the fire, thank goodness she soon forgot about it.

My second son loved his teddy so much, he used to chew the paw, it was with him all the time, he would let me wash it, he would sit there under the clothes line waiting for it to dry, after many washing that poor teddy fell to bits.

Oh for the memories of our children especially when they were babies.

It just takes a picture like the one above to start those memories bubbling from my body.

Please share your memories with us, of those years when your child loved an article so much that they eventually destroy it.

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