Blogging the Senses – Taste


DailyPost Discover Challenges – Blogging the Senses – TASTE, one of the five senses, when I thought about it, taste brought in four of the five senses.

SIGHT –  Seeing food makes your taste buds work.

SMELL – If you can smell food the taste buds start making your mouth water.

TOUCH –  When you feel the texture, your taste buds start working again.

Without taste buds, life would be pretty plain, could you imagine not being able to taste anything?

There are humans that cannot taste.

Ageusiais the loss of taste functions of the tongue, particularly the inability to detect sweetness, sourness, bitterness, saltiness.

Just look at the photo above, are your taste buds working?

Cupcakes have many flavors all pleasant to the taste.

Just look at one which is SIGHT – taste buds are working.

The SMELL of them coming out of a hot oven – taste buds are working again.

Very important word TASTE, enjoy it.

Did you know?

Flies and Butterflies have taste organs on their feet, allowing them to taste anything they land on.

Next time you see a fly land on your food, it has already tasted it, what a thought, wish I hadn’t read that.

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4 thoughts on “Blogging the Senses – Taste

  1. Great post – although I admit, I didn’t realize the image was of cupcakes until you mentioned it {then I had to take a second look!}. Yes, the fly tasting through his feet, disgusting. Somehow the elegant butterfly tasting through her feet, delightful…interesting. Thank you for pulling out the details 🙂

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