Six Sentence Stories


Welcome to Six Sentence Stories-17

Rules – Six sentences no more, no less, clue of the week is SECOND, any genre you like, use the clue however you like. The link stays there until Tuesday.

Special Day

It was only seconds ago that I had had my second cup of tea.

The radio was a little loud, as I sat and wonder why I didn’t eat one of those delicious cookies.

Never mind they would still be there when I returned from my appointment with the accountant as long as I covered then up.

Which was a far better idea that putting them in the fridge as they always went tough.

Still wondering why the flowers were sitting there on the table when my friend walked in and asked me what was so special about today to have the table looking so nice.

Then I realized it was my birthday, I had completely forgotten about it, but my partner the love of my life hadn’t forgotten, how sweet.

7 thoughts on “Six Sentence Stories

  1. Oh…truly sweet. I used to forget my birthday until my spouse convinced me i was taking myself for granted and needed to celebrate. I think he was right. Nice kick off of sss! Thanks for linkiing up! New cue will be up later if you’re interested. 🙂

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  2. Sweet the partner remembered. That appointment with the accountant, I’m sure had your attention. You could always bring some of those delicious cookies to the appointment and sweeten up the accountant. (Mine drives me nuts)

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