Path of Romance


writersquote wednesday challenge

Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – Romance

Path of Romance

The very essence of romance is uncertainty.”

Oscar Wilde

For any relationship or marriage, the quote above is so true.

Nobody ever said a woman must obey her husband in everything, that would be a perfect marriage in most cases if it did happen.

But since there’s no such thing, as a perfect marriage, the husband (or wife)  will never be able to be perfect enough to let the wife (or husband) trust each other in everything.

The secret to Romance is a quote from Charles Dickens,  Never close your lips to those whom you have already opened your heart.”

After all, the Path of Romance is only an affair of the heart.

The path of true love is never ever, give up, there’s hope, for love is deep, pure, simple yet complicated.

Trust your love, for it is a great thing, for survival, with everything in your life.

These words come from a marriage of 56 years.

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