Memories – Groceries Stores


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Once again I forgot to write for “Write Anything Wednesday” yesterday, never mind it is still Wednesday in other parts of the world, so I will do it today “Thursday in New Zealand”, this is becoming a habit.

Memories – Changes over the years in Groceries Stores

In the early days of grocery stores, products were generally served to you by an assistant from shelves behind the counters, while customers waited in front and indicated the items they wanted.

I remember well, 50 years ago,  living in the country, we would only visit the store, once a month 20th, that was pay day.

That was the day we dressed up and went to town, it was always something we looked forward to every month, we would pay for the supplies we had purchased from the previous 20th of the month by phone, which would be delivered weekly to our farm house.

Most months we would buy something that was needed in the home, like my first sewing machine, clothing for the family, on payday, anything else that was needed we would go without until the 20th of the following month.

Then came the changes – Supermarkets.

Stores were no longer around, supermarkets were springing up everywhere, I totally different environment to what I was used to, no delivering of groceries.

Supermarkets offer products at a lower  price by reducing their economic margins, so buy groceries was by bulk in deep freezing our requirements during the month.

Customers shopped by placing their selected merchandise into shopping trolly’s or baskets (self-service) and pay for the merchandise at the check-out, that was quite a challenge until you got used to the checkout counter.

Now some have self-checkout devices which I have never used.

Supermarkets in New Zealand.


Super Value


Shop Rite

New World Super Market


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New World in New Zealand is privately owned Supermarket

I do my weekly grocery shopping at the New World Supermarket, they have Fly-Buys Points, which is another discount for me, as I get bed linen, toasters etc for free with my Fly Buy Points.

New World has been a member of the Fly Buys program since that program started in September 1996.

It is a New Zealand Supermarket chain and is part of the Foodstuffs Cooperative.

They tend to be smaller and more upscale than larger warehouse-type supermarkets, and are also more numerous throughout New Zealand, with many small towns having a New World.

New World is also one of New Zealand’s longest running supermarkets, founded in 1950.

One thought on “Memories – Groceries Stores

  1. Thank you Elsie for these beautiful information. Change is one thing that happens in our world, and it’s really interesting to read from someone that experienced how a particular change came about. Now, I know where to get my groceries whenever I visit New Zealand. New World is the place to go.


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