Riding on a Carousel


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Looking around for a subject to chat about, I saw the above photo, when I first looked at it, it was a bit of a mystery, until I click on it and saw a larger picture of it.

A carousel ride did that bring back memories of my younger days when I was about eighteen, we went to an agriculture show which had side shows, there were hundreds of people.

My memories are of many teens, which were screaming while being toss around in the air, actually it was quite frightening.

I tried to shut the screams out of my head, they frighten me, I had never been to one before. I was going with my boy friend which turned out to be my husband of fifty-six years now,  we had only known each other for a few weeks.

I wanted to feel like part of the family, as I liked him very much, he had his family with him, I didn’t want to feel like a spoilsport.

After much persuading my future brother-law took me up, I was very frighten, I don’t know how I wasn’t sick up in the air, but I managed to keep everything down, lucky I hadn’t eaten much that day because I felt so ill for about an hour after that ride.

Just a little extra, a thought I just remembered.

I did wonder at the time why my boy friend then husband now was not going for a ride with me, nobody let on, I don’t know if they knew, but some forty years later I found out he was afraid of heights.

To this day nearly sixty years later I have never had another ride, no way will anybody get me back on one of those roll-a-coasters.

Have you ever had a ride on a carousel, please tell, what was your experience?

8 thoughts on “Riding on a Carousel

    • Thanks for visiting. Memories of things we have done in our younger days are quite frightening when we think what the end result could have been, especially now with the internet, nothing can happen without it making the news, there have been some quite serious accidents with those types of things at carnivals.

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  1. I’m pretty scared of heights, but somehow when it comes to rides I don’t mind too much, as I know I’m not the one in control! (as strange as that sounds! :D) All I need to do is hang on! 🙂


  2. I had a ride on a carousel only once when I was little, since then I couldn’t do it again because I’m scared. I am sure I will not ride a carousel again 🙂 I’m sure it’s fun but I am too scared.


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