Daily One-Word Prompt – Screen


Daily Prompt – Screen. Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

These days everywhere you go there is a screen.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a boardroom meeting, many screens there, touch and display screens.

Walls with a sound proof screen, where no one is supposed to know what’s really going on behind the screen.

With all the technology around these days, you will think they will come up with something new that doesn’t need a screen. Ha-Ha.

In the hospitals there are screens surrounding you, so no one can see what’s going on, but we all know in the ward as you can clearly hear what they are saying.

Screens in shops for you to try on an outfit to see if you like it.

Even I have a screen in front of my eyes as I’m walking along the street, I can walk right past a member of my family and don’t know I have until they tap me on the shoulder.

Now I have just written a one-word prompt for SCREEN, sitting at my computer, looking at a screen with curtains pulled across the windows to screen the sun from my computer screen.

Yes, don’t have to look far for a screen.

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