A Lie is Told


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Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes.

A Lie is Told

Everything was starting to look like it was going to be a tower of strength.

The scaffolding was nearly complete, everything was ready, timber and materials for the structure were starting to arrive, some by trucks and, even a courier left a parcel with a man that looked like he was in charge as he was checking things off on a list, as stuff was being unloaded.

By the middle of the day people walking by had been remarking how quick the building was progressing, the men had really set everything moving at a fast pace, there was quite a whirl of excitement, everyone was wondering what it was going to look like when finished, it had been a plan in progress for some months.

Later that day when all had finished their day’s work and gone home the man that had been checking off everything that had been delivered, decided that some of the timber was what he needed to finish off his back deck, as when he thought everyone was gone, and no one was watching, he loaded the required timber into his van, drove out locking the gates behind him.

There was one thing he didn’t know.

He thought he had got away with his bad deed for the day, but the carpenters had already sorted and measured the boards, that he had removed, ready for an early start in the morning.

The following day as the men were continuing with the structure to start the next level, one guy said to the other ” I thought we had that timber all worked out to start the work today”.

We seem to have some missing.

Yes, we did, the other guy said.

He replied, you usually have everything right, so I didn’t check, just took your answer as correct.

Yes, it was correct, I check it twice, someone must have removed it to another spot, but I don’t know who we were the last to leave, except for the guy that locks up.

I will go and ask Steve, he was checking the materials last night as I left, maybe he put them somewhere else.

So off he went to ask Steve about the missing boards.

Guess what, that was the bloke that had removed the materials he required for his deck in the back of his van.

He replied “yes I counted it all, as it was delivered, it was correct.

Are you sure you had it all their last night, if so who would have removed it, I didn’t remove any of it, nobody could have got in, the gate was locked and alarm set?

Steve was starting to freak out, how was he going to cover up that theft, when the owner of the building ask him what happen to the boards, as it didn’t match up to what was marked off as delivered.

A lie is told once when repeated it never is the same, how long before the truth comes out.

This is my first post for “Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes Prompt Challenge” would appreciate any helpful comments where I can improve with my writing.

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