Honey Bees

640px honey bees

I forgot to write for “Write Anything Wednesday” yesterday, never mind it is still Wednesday in other parts of the world, so I will do it today “Thursday in New Zealand”.

I did two posts yesterday, just  forgot it was Wednesday.

It was a day of many things taking my attention from writing, like the picture above.

Poor Honey Bees!

It has been a bad year for the Bee Farmers here in Taranaki this year, with all the cooler weather the Manuka Bush didn’t flower this year.

So there are very hungry bees around, the farmer was taking his bees hives away, from further up the road, I really don’t know why he was doing it in the daytime as this is a job to be done at night when the bees are all resting in their hives.

Anyway as the trucks with all the bees were going down the road there were bees flying out from the hives on the trucks, our house was surrounded by bees, it was quite a warm day, I had all the windows and doors open, and did I have to move as bees started flying into the house, trying to shut up doors and windows, the bees were coming inside faster than I could shut the windows.

There were so many bees flying around, my husband got a box and added a mixture of honey in it, the very stressed out bees started landing on the honey container as you can see above.

I had intended to do some pruning of the Wisteria, it never got done as the bees were all amongst the leaves, a job to do today.

Anyway, this morning the bees have all left the box except for a few dead one’s.

I wonder where they are today, no bee hives around for them now, hopefully, they don’t all die there were hundreds of them flying around yesterday.

7 thoughts on “Honey Bees

  1. There are a few bees still here living on some old jam I had, they disappear at night but return the next day to feed on it.
    Most of them are gone, I don’t know where hope they didn’t die.
    That should never have happened. So sad.


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