My Monthly Memories February 2016


I was invited by Basants to join her in “My Monthly Memories” for February 2016. I have already taken part in the January 2016 event.

February has been a very exciting month, I have just been going through my daily posts, getting an idea which posts get the most views and comments.

Not that it really matters, I have managed to write a post for most days, joined many new writing groups, written two flash fiction, I find I have to be in the right mood to write those posts.

Won two new awards “Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award”, and the “Sunshine Bloggers Award”.

I’m looking forward to continuing writing daily through the month of March, but there will be days when it won’t be possible as I’m moving into town, will be changing my internet provider from Satellite to Broadband, hope I don’t miss too many days, as I get very restless if I can’t post.

More importantly, I’m writing for “The Challenge, A to Z in April 2016”, so need to get my internet provider sorted and connected.

I spend many hours a day reading, liking and commenting on other writers posts, so many good writers.

I have applied for the “Commenting BootCamp March 21 – 25”, which could be very helpful to put me at ease with commenting.

One thing I have learnt is if we want to have readers, we must have interesting posts, interact with other bloggers, commenting is the best way, likes are nice, but with some readers it is just an action, they really haven’t taken the time to read your blog.

So as February comes to an end, have written thirty-six posts for February, have 125 followers, which is pretty good as I only started writing my blog at the beginning of January.

Thanks to all my follower I enjoy all the emails I like reading and getting to know all of you, (about 100 every day) .

I appreciate all the likes and comments from my viewers, I do return the follow if I can find a follow button on your blog.

Cheers to all my new found friends on Blogosphere.

7 thoughts on “My Monthly Memories February 2016

  1. You really had an awesome month! Congratulations! I do agree with you that if we really want to gain readers we have to write posts with substance. And commenting counts. Keep doing what you are doing because you’re in the right track.

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  2. Whilst you suddenly feel on a blogging treadmill with all the activity you want to commit too, it’s all great fun, good luck with the move and internet connection( tres important) and congratulations for the following to date…March will hopefully be another month of inspiration.


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