Buying a House is Stressful


It’s “Daily Post Write Anything Wednesday” today.

After two days of no posts here I feel like those pussies above, wondering what going to happen next.

My self-confidence was very high when I wrote “Self Confidence Sunday” post, now it is Wednesday 24 February, only two days before we take over our new home in town.

It is like looking into a mirror and wondering what’s on the other side.

So much has happened in the last couple of days, trying to get everything sorted out, for instinct, setting up a power account, getting insurance for our new home, which was so unbelievable, because of the stress I had to go through to get it sorted out.

I needed to know the measurement of the home, no matter where I went I came to a blind corner, not finding it out.

This all came about not having an LIM (Land Information Memorandums) report, which costs $300 to $400’s.

The Real Estate, two humans could not help they were out of the province, it wasn’t on the contract I had.

New Plymouth District Council could have helped, but not over the phone, I would have to drive 55 Km’s to find out, then return home to ring the insurance company up, as we don’t have a cell phone, not worth it as we live in an area where there is no cell phone coverage.

The Lawyer didn’t know but suggested ringing up the lady we bought the house from.

Now I didn’t like worrying the dear old lady which was retiring to a pensioner’s flat, last resort I did, I found it out from her, after a second phone call to her after she unpacked some of her person papers which she had already to shift.

That call to that dear lady saved the day for me, I was just about at breaking point, I got to know that dear lady quite well, invited her if she ever comes back to have a look at her home {which they had build forty years ago), her husband had passed away, to come in and have a cup of tea with me.

Finally, I was able to ring up the insurance company and sort it out now I knew the measurements.

They must have checked out the first call, (which I was about 45 mins on the phone) which it was obversely a newbie being trained for the job), they were so helpful, it seemed to me that that insurance company had checked out the information about the house measurements, themselves as they had already worked out how much it would cost monthly for the insurance.

That’s my rant over, it goes to show how little an elderly lady knows about modern information when buying a home, it wasn’t as though we brought a home every day, having lived on a farm for so many years.

Glad I kept my cool, all though I felted like a wash out rag after it all.

6 thoughts on “Buying a House is Stressful

  1. I remember all this hassle from 2 years ago. My insurance company wanted to know whether the blocks the house is made from were made from large or small bits of stuff (there’s some technical term!). Turns out the only way to find that out is to to drill into the wall, collect a sample and have it tested. Screw that 🙂
    With all the legal stuff beforehand and things looking extremely dodgy near the end because of an issue up the chain, I ended up developing a rather fatalistic attitude to the whole thing, which decreased my stress level 🙂

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