Self Confidence Sunday


Self Confidence Sunday

This quote is very important to me.

“Don’t expect to get a different result without expecting to do something different. Change is Good! “

My self-confidence is very high today Sunday 21 February 2016.

This coming week is something I have been waiting for years.

We will be shifting to town to live, taking over our new home on Friday.

Now that doesn’t mean much to most of you reading this, but I’m a farmer’s wife, been farming all my life, now at the age of seventy-five we are finally going to semi-retire from farming.

That is where the above quote come in, I will be making a big change in our life, not sure how my husband will cope with it, I’m going to take it one day at a time.

There will be some very down times, at the moment I have a lot of self-confidence that it will work, it needs to, my husband is nearly eighty, I have cancer, need to slow down and do less work, look after myself as well as my husband.

We still have the farm, will need to come back most days, feed and look after the stock, so I’m weaning my husband slowly from farming, some days we will stay at the farm when I feel my husband isn’t coping with the shift.

Like the picture above I’m taking one step at a time, not really knowing if the change is good for my husband.

I will return every Sunday and write about the progress of doing something different in life, learning to live with neighbor both sides of our new home, instead or 2 kilometers up the road and the same down the road to see another house, (our neighbors).

10 thoughts on “Self Confidence Sunday

  1. I wish you a good move to your new home and have great dreams the first night there. You know that this dreams will come true, don’t you? Best wishes from Germany!

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    • Living in a town is something we haven’t done in our seventy years, so it is a big change for us.
      Hopefully, it won’t take us too long to settle down.
      Thanks for the comment, at least, it’s not a city only a small town.


    • Thanks for the kind words, it is a big transition, that is why we are not selling the farm yet, it may not work for my husband. He is a very proud man, thinks he can go on working a farm for many years to come, but not without me helping him.
      Hope you are having a great weekend.

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  2. What an exciting time for you both, even as it is also a huge and perhaps even scary transition. I can’t wait to read more about it as you go along! Feel free to post a link to this in the comments of my Self-Confidence Sunday posts so that my readers can follow along too. =) Best of luck!

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