Hand Lawn Mower Workout


Do you remember those days when there were no motor run lawn mowers and the only way was the push mower’s?

Very good if you need some exercise.

Not good for mowing steep slopes.

Also, a pain if you didn’t use the catcher, all those bits of grass that came inside on the children’s feet.

Oh, so glad for the modern days.

Or do you still mow the lawn with a hand push mower?

After all, it would be good for the environment.

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Monday, February 15th,  Pick a Photo and write in less than a 100 words my thoughts.

I would be happy if you would join in and add your thought’s about this photo.

7 thoughts on “Hand Lawn Mower Workout

  1. My parents had one when I was a kid, then they bought one which works with petrol and later one with electricity…

    Now, I am thinking about buying one when I move to my new apartment in autumn. There I will have a little lawn space of about 40 qm. They are small and I don’t need to think so much about the right time to maw the lawn because of the neighbours as they are quieter…

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    • Thanks for the visit and comment.
      You gave me something else to remember, we are shifting into town next month.
      Have been so used to (living on a farm), just starting that lawn mower up any old time of the day, must learn when we do shift to use the lawn mower at a respectable time of the day, or may fall out with the neighbours, couldn’t have that.

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