Valentine Poem – Key to my Heart


Image courtesy of Robert Nilson at

Specially written for my husband: John – From his wife: Elsie

I thought my life was over

I would never trust another human

At the age of eighteen

I had lost all respect for life

No longer wanted to live

All who I had trusted and loved

Where gone for good in my life.

That dark night I decided

I had had enough hurt in my life

So I locked the door to my heart

Threw away the key to life

Swallowed those pills

Somehow I had a second chance in life

I open my eyes and you came into my life.

You hold the key to my heart

Through thick and thin

That key you held still unlocks my heart

Our hearts live as one

Locked together forever

Fifty-six years of marriage

Never to be locked from each other ever.

Even when that day comes

When we make our way to heaven

Locked in each other arms

To rest in peace

With our hearts still locked together

With the key that lasts forever

Locked in my heart for you.


Image courtesy of John Kasawa at

Copyright to this poem: belong to Elsie Hagley

10 thoughts on “Valentine Poem – Key to my Heart

    • Thanks for the nice comments, sorry my husband comes from a large family six boys, there’s only one alive now and he’s now very well in his eighties, so sorry I cannot help you, must be some perfect gentlemen around your town. Cheers, keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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  1. I love that you articulate how difficult love and trust can be to a young adult, but also that life goes on. And oftentimes, you’re better for your bad experiences in the end. It can shape you without defining you. Thank you for sharing!

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