Long Hair – How do you sleep at night?


It’s “Write Anything Wednesday” today.

Dear me, those weeks go by so fast, sitting here wondering what to write today, I saw the above photo.

I was looking at how the young child has it’s hair spread up over the pillow and obviously having a peaceful sleep.

I have long hair, it hasn’t been cut for eighteen months now, I usually go to bed with it still tied loosly up, every morning when I wake my tie has been removed, (I don’t remember doing it in my sleep), and my hair is spread on the pillow just like that youngster in the photo, I also always sleep on my back.

I never go to bed with wet hair, always wash it during the day and let it dry while hanging loosely on my head.

Elsie's Long Hair

I was wondering if you have long hair, what do you do with it before you go to bed?

How do you find it in the morning, if you have tied it up is it still tied up in the morning, or is it loose?

Do you braid your hair before you go to sleep?

How about wearing a sleep cap? In the video above the lady has very long hair, that is what see uses, don’t think I would leave that on my head all night.

Please, comment – Would love to know what you do with your long hair before you go to sleep.

15 thoughts on “Long Hair – How do you sleep at night?

    • Yes, it does take a long time to grow when you are wanting it long.
      As you said about tying your hair in a low pony tail to sleep, I don’t know the answer, this is one of the reasons I wrote this post, as I’m sure there are many readers with long hair that can help to answer that question.


      • Oh, that’s strange and very sad for you to lose great lumps of hair like that.
        I do know that it isn’t recommended to go to bed with wet hair, probably not a good idea to have it in a bun either wet, you would have thought it would have fallen out when you brushed it the next day if it fell out for that reason.
        How long did it take to regrow?


  1. I had longer than shoulder length , fine hair for a year or two recently. But cut it last fall. I found that by braiding it on either side of my head it turned our fluffy and with some waves. When I wore it up in the daytime, if it was hot, I took each side and twisted it slightly and used a comb on either side. Then I could wear it up or down. I thought of it as the Katherine Hepburn look. Lol. I can’t share photos here or I would show you.

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  2. I sleep with mine loose, but I do have a rhythm of pulling it back from my face and laying it down on my pillow,behind me. As I snuggle down in for a good nights rest, I usually have to pull it off my face a few times, but otherwise, my long hair doesn’t bother me at night — it’s the falling out during the day that’s a drag! I like your random Wednesday Write!

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    • You brought up another point I haven’t written about yet, that’s about the falling out during the day, I have just started using hairspray over the top of my head as I cannot stand those wisks of hair that hang down over my face, especially since I have had ACC Cancer operation, it helps a little on a windy day.
      Appreciate our comment about liking my random Wednesday Write.

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      • I’ve been writing 100 Word Wednesdays – random picture with a 100 word post to accompany it. I love the idea of allowing random musings 🙂 I wish you full recovery from your operation. It’s been a year this month since my last surgery to remove ovarian cancer. I’m just now starting to feel normal {but stages of being normal along the way!} like pre-surgeries. Stay strong!

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  3. That sounds interesting 100 Word Wednesday, should be easy having a picture to tell the story.
    Sorry to hear you haven’t been well, hope you have no more problems with it, it’s no nice feeling unwell with cancer. Blessings to you my friend, I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that all will be well.


  4. I have been growing my hair read locks for quite some time now, almost shoulder length. How do I sleep? Like a baby most likely, tossing and turning because if I sleep with my hair tied up, I wake up with it all over the pillow and if I wear a sleeping cap (or in my case a woolen hat) it will be under the bed in the morning. Have not yet decided if visitors come to me in my sleep and play tricks on me, or the universe is trying to tell me something.

    So now I just sleep and let it be free cause maybe thats what the universe is telling me.


    ps just saved this to my drafts for one of my next post ideas thanks


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