Talking Head – Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner


Jessica wasn’t a person to worried about most things, but when Alan took her into this old cottage, the first thing that caught her eye was that deer head.

It gave her quite a bad turn which filled her stomach with contempt.

Then she was sure as she was staring at it that it distinctly said,

“You lookin’ at me?”

Now most times she could cope with strange findings along the trail of her travels, but this a talking deer that looked, at any minute it was going to jump straight through the wall.

Her next reaction was a scream, which was so loud that the owls on the wall nearly fell off their perch, Alan feeling very displeased with what had happened.

“Why did you scream like that it’s only a deer’s head it cannot hurt you”?

Jessica replied, ” I’m not afraid of the deer”.

Alan “Why did you scream then”?

Jessica replied ” If an animal going to start talking to me on the wall what happens when I see one in the bushes”?

With that thought in her head, she turned and walk out of the cottage, hoping that the deer wasn’t following her.

The opening sentence for the February 5th, Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner:  “You lookin’ at me?”

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