Aging Gracefully


There are many ways to help you age gracefully, making you wiser, sexier and not stress about your looks or what’s happening in your life.

In this post, I will write about making those years the greatest of your life, keeping the body trim, erect and healthy while aging.

1.  Regret:  Don’t hang on to it, let it go, sadness will not help, it will just age you faster, be happy.

2.  Breathe:  It does cost you anything, when things are getting on top of you, take a deep breath, and move on.

3. Stand straight: Take your body and stand straight putting your weight evenly on your feet, pulling your stomach muscles in, keeping your pelvis and shoulders in line, hold your body like this as long as you can, it helps to keep your spine straight.

4. Sit up straight: Hold your body in position as if you were still standing, pulling your shoulders back, and feet together to the front of the chair, don’t slouch it’s bad for the spine.

5. Stay in touch: You don’t have to go out every day to have company, use your computer, if you have one, tweet, join social networks, pin some photos on the internet share, it can be amazing what you learn on the internet in later life.

6. Exercise: You don’t need to go to the gym, start walking, holding the body, nice and straight, increase the km’s or miles, as the days and weeks go by, get a walking buddy, aim for a triathlon.

7. Make peace with aging elders: It will make you feel stronger, smarter and at peace with the world.

8. Wear Jeans: If you feel like wearing jeans, wear them, they aren’t made especially for teenagers, just stay sexy and aging gracefully, it makes you feel good about yourself, also controls those tummy muscles.

9. Have sex: Happily married couples enjoy it, maybe you just need a little help, the point is, go for it, enjoy.

10. Pass on what you have learned in life: your wisdom can make a light in some other person dreams, share it with them.

11. Move out of your comfort zone occasionally: venture further afield, you may be surprised what you can conquer.

12. Smile: this is the most important of any, don’t forget how to smile, it’s free and contagious, pass it around the world.

A decade has come and gone since I thought “I should be feeling old,” yet I don’t feel any older now, than I did then, but something I do see, the world in different eyes, than I did then, my memory hasn’t gone, I now have a website on WordPress, meet a wonderful community of other like-minded people.

Take every opportunity you can, to capture those late years in life, walk up a hill, watch the sunset, until the stars appear in the light of the sky, get away from clutter in your life, have a change every now and then, eat that nice cake which you know will most likely put on an extra pound in weight, get out of the urban area, which sometimes seems like a concrete jungle, it only clutters up your life and makes you feel old.

Stop and look back on your life every now and then, and think, what will I regret not having done “whatever it is,” while I could have, if so, do it now before it’s too late and live to remember those memorable experiences later in those golden years.

Enjoy and age gracefully.

10 thoughts on “Aging Gracefully

  1. Love your post. Spot on!!
    My Dad, who lived into his 96th year, always said “age is just a number” like your house address. It’s just a state of mind. When YOU decide you are old (sadly) you’re old. Who says you have to start/stop behaving a certain way because of a number? Yes, there are some things that you will no longer choose to do because you have learnt better. Age is a great teacher. When you live to a “good age” you learn what does and doesn’t feel good and choose appropriately. It doesn’t mean you stop living. 🙂

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