My Monthly Memories January 2016


I was invited by Basant to join her in “My Monthly Memories”.

My blog is a new one just started in January, I’m very happy with how it is progressing.

I joined “blogging 101” the results have been unbelievable, met many new friends all around the world, have seventy-one followers in the month of January, that has been really exciting, read so many blogs that I would never have known about.

I fully recommend anyone doing the “Blogging 101” on WordPress.

The secret (if you can call it that) is once you get your blog started, visit other writers blog, used the reader in WordPress, like, comment that’s very important, I had over 150 comments during the first month of the year, don’t be fussy looking for a special type of blog, just follow, get to know the person you are following by reading their posts, you may find that you enjoy that subject after all, if you don’t you can always unfollow.

Here are some of my highlights for the month of January

I was nominated for “The Versatile Blogger Award”.

Also nominated for “Blogging 101 Liebster Award”

“One Day Quote Challenge”

Wrote my first piece of “Flash Fiction”

All in all, I wrote Twenty-six posts for “Blogging 101” in January 2016

I surprised myself, now I’m hooked on blogging, it’s part of my everyday life.

Thanks, Basant for the opportunity to write how I felt about January 2016 Blogging, looking forward to seeing what February brings

14 thoughts on “My Monthly Memories January 2016

  1. I am happy for you! I always find time to read your posts. I know how it feels to be appreciated and I do agree with you that once we learned that others followed our blog we should also follow them then read their posts and find treasures that we can use to better blogging. Keep it up!

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  2. I hadn’t realized that you’d started blogging only a moth ago. This must have been a thrilling month for you. All the best for February!

    Btw, are you aware that there’s a ‘theme reveal’ at the A-Z Challenge? After some thinking, I have found a theme and I will take part there (but not with the Shakespeare Blog). Signing in for the litte extra event starts end of February – as I understand it. The theme reveal itself seems to be scheduled at March 21.

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  3. Hi! I wanted to thank you again for participating in My Monthly Memories last month! It was lovely having you partake! I was wondering if you were to join in once again this month? I already posted my writing about my month and I have updated the rules slightly again here: It’d be lovely reading another one of your My Monthly Memories posts. Thanks again and I hope you have a lovely day!

    Basant She

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