Pacifier – the dummy


Everyone seems to have an opinion on whether a dummy is a good thing for your child or not.

It will deform their teeth, bacteria it carries, plus many more things against the dummy for a pacifier.

The reality is that a dummy is very soothing for a baby and when you are a parent that word “soothing”

translates to “sleep”.

Here is a little information, which may help you to decide whether to use a dummy or not.

Current experts advice is not to use them before you have breast feeding well established.

Sucking is a natural activity for baby and is very calming for baby. if the baby is comforted by a dummy and it is not being used to delay a feed, or a cuddle and some attention, then it is fine.

If the baby is comforted by a dummy and it is not being used to delay a feed, or a cuddle and some attention, then it is fine.

A baby likes to suck for comfort, a dummy is a better option than sucking their thumbs, because eventually you can get rid of the dummy, but so much harder to stop thumb sucking.


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( I had a grandson that was still sucking his thumb when he went to school, other children soon put a stop to it by teasing, which was not nice for him, he still went on sucking his thumb at night when he went to bed for many years, also his teeth are perfect).

There is a theory that using a dummy can reduce the incidence of cot death, but still needs more research before it is definitive.

It has been said that using a pacifier delays speech development by preventing babies from practicing their speaking skills, but there appears to be no strong evidence of this.

Keep the dummy clean and sterilize it regularly. watch for rips or tears which may harbor bacteria.

Attach it to baby to prevent it falling to the ground, but not tied around the neck as it could lead to an accident like strangulation.

Try to aim to only using it for the first 12 months of the babies life.

If your child is reaching school age and still using a dummy you need to get serious.

There are many ways of weaning them off the dummy, but whatever way you employ, constantly reinforce your child about being grown up and not needing it any longer.

Children like being praised so praise them often as they are weaned from the dummy and it will be successful, do not ever ridicule a child or use punishment or humiliation to influence them into giving up their dummy, if you make it a problem, it won’t go away.

The key to any behavioral change is to do it without fuss, otherwise, you risk your child using the behavior to get a reaction.

Did your baby have a pacifier?

If so, please let us know what you learnt about babies having a dummy.

Best of Luck, I have been there and know it is not easy, with perseverance you will get there.

12 thoughts on “Pacifier – the dummy

  1. Oh, I’ve never heard it called a dummy before. Apt! I offered pacifiers to my babies, but they never liked them. As grown-ups, they also offered pacifiers to their babies, but again, no go. Apparently, they all met their sucking needs the way Nature intended and didn’t need a placebo.

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  3. None of my children had a dummy. The eldest never wanted one, and the other two were breastfed which I think has something to do with it. My two younger children have children of their own now, my son has two girls who were breastfed for ages, and no dummies at all. My daughter has two boys, the youngest is seven months old and loves his dummy. He’s clearly not going to go to school with a dummy, so I don’t see the problem.

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    • No, I don’t think they will have any problems with using a dummy, my grandson that sucked his thumb was a problem, because of all the kids at school were teasing him, he didn’t want to go to school because of it, at the age of five it did affect his learning at school.

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  4. None of my kids used one or sucked their thumbs. I had them (I always called it the Binky) but they had no use for them. I often thought it was because they were all breast fed and the pacifier felt foreign? I don’t know. But my nephew used his so much my sister in law was worried he’d take it to kindergarten!


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