Food for Thought



Quote:  I’m married to the Marketing Pilgrim.

We have fascinating conversations about blogging over dinner and wine.

Is it healthy for our marriage, for me to have blog envy over my husband’s blog?

End of Quote!

Here’s my thoughts

If you are the only member in your household that is interested in the internet and spend all day and half the night sitting at your computer.

Do you think your wife, husband partner or whatever.

Is happy with their life living with a mate that is always on the internet?

It is true that all we can talk about is what we have done on the internet or with our blog and there’s not really any other topic of conversation for us to talk about, other than listening what our partner has done, and let’s admit it half the time we are not really listening.

Do you think that is a good recipe for a lasting partnership?

How do you overcome this?

Love you to comment.

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