No Blogging Yesterday – Time spent with GrandChildren


My post for “Write anything Wednesday”

This week has been a bit hectic, my two youngest grandchildren age 6 – 8 years old have stayed a couple of days, so my blog has been a bit idle.

What have I been doing in those two days?

Hills on Hagley's farm

We have a farm so there are lots of things that can keep children busy, always something to do. Went for a climb up the hill to the highest point at the top of this photo, they considered that a great accomplishment, as these hills are steeper than they look, you need to be quite fit to do this.

They enjoyed helping to shift an electric fence, so the weaner calves could have fresh grass to eat, that was the first time they had done that, for sure it will be part of their morning talk when they go back to school next week.

The funny thing about moving the fence the grass was long and still had the morning dew on it, they were holding the electric fence standards in the air above the grass and walking with the electric fence, but the grass was so long, they were lifting their little legs high in the air, as they tried to move, with their eyes looking at the top of the fence trying to make sure the dead electric wire fence didn’t fall off.

Had me laughing, those smiles still stay with me today when I think about it. Good for the old body

It is mid summer in New Zealand, so on went the swimming togs, they spend a very hot afternoon swimming in the river,  they saw an eel was quite excited about that.


The eight-year-old boy is a good cook. He makes scrambled eggs for their family, I asked him what he used, he told me all the ingredients, even to putting cornflour in it, that was a new one for me, when he went home, the last thing he said to me was, don’t forget my recipe for cooking scrambled eggs. Smiles!


Before they went home they when Blackberry picking, they had it all planned out what they were going to do with them, for a couple of young children they had many recipes they were going to cook, mainly blackberry crumble was one of their favourites by the sounds.

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings about the two days I enjoyed spending with my Grandchildren instead of sitting in front of my computer.

P.S. The photo at the top is not my grandchildren, they are good at taking photos, so this  PixaBay photo looked right for this blog, as I would rather not put my grandchildren photos on the internet.

What are your thought’s about putting your own young family members on the internet?

Please Comment.

16 thoughts on “No Blogging Yesterday – Time spent with GrandChildren

  1. Sounds like a delightful day with your grandchildren! I agree with you and would not post photos of my grandchildren on the internet. I envy you your midsummer weather. Here in British Columbia, Canada we’re looking at lots of rain, 100km winds and then the weather is supposed to get colder by the end of the week.

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    • Thanks for giving your thought’s about photos of our grandchildren on the internet.
      That’s not good your weather outlook, too much wind also. Although it’s summer here it has been raining all day today, warm muggy weather not cold. You will be looking forward to Spring. Stay Safe.


  2. You had great days. It was a pleasure to read about them. And I’ve learned what blackberries look like – I had other berries in mind. I wonder what they are called. So, it was fun to read and educational for me.

    I don’t publish pictures of family-members and friends in the internet (from the front). I wouldn’t feel right to do so as I wouldn’t give pictures of them away to strangers in real life…
    As the kids have to learn that the internet is great thing – if one pays attention what publish and avoids forbidden or dangerous things. And a good way for them to learn is to see that parents and grand-parents do it that way. And whatever they will do or try as teenagers, it will stick in their minds nevertheless and come out eventually 😉


    • It looks like it’s going to be a bumper year for wild blackberries this year the weather has been right, rainy days with plenty of warm days to follow, it’s always a fun day when blackberry picking, just mind the thorns.
      Blackberries make beautiful jam, something my family can remember very well as it was always on the table.
      Glad you enjoyed the read, have a great day.

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  3. Hello Aunty Elsie, Sounds like you had a lovely weekend with your grandchildren. We have been picking blueberries to freeze for smoothies and baking muffins but the blackberries are still little green things here on Dad’s and Mum’s farm. I have great memories of picking them on your farm when I was a kid. 🙂 I don’t mind others taking photos of my kids and putting them on the internet especially my parents and sisters, it is a nice way for them to keep their friends and family up to date with my kids as they grow so fast. Love reading your blog and seeing the photos you submit of your beautiful piece of New Zealand.


    • Hi Kathryn, Nice surprise this morning reading your comment, yes, picking blackberries was fun, the good old days.
      I didn’t know that your mum and dad had a farm, learn something new today.
      Yes, I have seen many photos of your children on facebook, I don’t use it much these days.
      The reason you saw this post was I have got my WordPress blog setup and it automatically posts directly to facebook.
      Thanks for commenting, hope all is well with the family have a great day.


  4. Thanks for sharing With us on your day spent with your grandchildren and you must have enjoyed your day very much. Well, there is always a possibility of having photos being taken and used in other ways. For me, I make my photos small and sometimes, in a collage, and copyright it. I understand the safety of our children and well, I usually do not divulge or instant update of our whereabouts.


  5. What great memories with your grandchildren. Here, in our part of the US, my grandchildren (4 and 6) are tramping about in 3 feet of snow. I’d much rather be picking berries with them. Interesting to see the thoughts on posting photos. Thanks!

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    • Yes, you can have lots of fun with your grandchildren, but I bet they will be enjoying the snow, I’m like you would rather have the warmer weather any day, you can have more fun in the sun.


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